Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blog Post 3 - Option A - Can't Be Tamed

Can't Be Tamed - Miley Cyrus
Redone by Rachael Werner & Friends

This student-created production is covered under the Fair Use codes US copyright law.Specifically, Section 107 of the current Copyright Act and Section 504(c)(2) cover the educational-basis of this video production. The production is intended to be a transformative remake, aiding in both student and public media literacy.  The use of copyrighted material is in the service of constructing a differing understanding than the original work, which according to Section 110 (1) (2), is to be treated as a new cultural production. This student-production is in no way limited to the protections provided by the Fair Use codes stated above due to the many other sections of the current US Copyright Act, which also include the principles of Fair Use. 

Please refer to Fair Use principles when re-posting, quoting, and/or excerpting the video-production posted here.

1 comment:

  1. Rachael! The fact that you did this one solo and did it so well is quite impressive!
    I really liked the way you contextualized the project in relation to the song, using text, the beginning interview, and the images at the end. The fact that you were as bold as you were to be in front of the camera lip-syncing was fabulous! I wish you could combine your fabulous video with the group that worked on Katy Perry's California Girls! The fact that you're outgoing and had a lot of elements that their video had, as well as would have benefited from, would make a pretty remarkable team :o)
    The one think that I would have liked a bit different (minor issue here) was the use of the great images at the end interspersed with the scene where "Miley's little sister" wants to be like her big sister. The images were perfect for the point!
    The only other issue- aside from concerns about libel suits---was your use of the storyline about the little sister in DUI-jail scenario...did that happen? If not, is there a way to make it more relevant using non-hypothetical events?
    Overall, well done!
    p.s. please email me your video as an attachment! Thanks!