Friday, July 9, 2010

Blog Post 1: Link Hunt

March 19, 2010


Lily Rowen

March 6, 2010

Robert Loughney

April 12, 2009

Laura Miller

January 1, 2009



Jen Nedeau

December 2002

Helen W. Kennedy


  1. The posts themselves are right on target information wise. It is a good thing that the articles about specific pop-culture icons did not come from sites that are fan based. The works were blog-like, but it seemed as though they were more article structured within the site. As for the links themselves, and the way it is presented, everything is spot on! A very small formatting error is the link with the text "Family Guy and Feminism: Louis Griffin and Progressive Values." The link is cut into three parts. Very good overall!

  2. Rachael-
    Nice job finding some great blog posts that relate to the course!
    Jessie :o)